Brazil Butt Lift - Sculpt Review

Published: 07th April 2010
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Today is a strength day on the workout calendar. To change it up a bit I decided to throw Beachbodys Brazil Butt Lift's Sculpt into the dvd player instead of P90X's Legs & Back. You see it's snowing... AGAIN...and where I do my workouts, there are two rather large windows. And some days I just don't want to be reminded that it is still winter. So Brazil Butt Lift here I come.

For those of you who haven't done Brazil Butt Lift I'll explain something about it that I really like and really appreciate in the dead of winter. The beach workout scenes. YES! Brilliant idea! Thank you Beachbody for being so thoughtful. In the middle of winter it's so easy to get caught up in coziness and get a bit lazy and put a few pounds on. Brazil Butt Lift knocks me right out of my complacency and smack back to reality. Reality is Summer is coming...quickly!

Now, don't go and get the idea that with the name Brazil Butt Lift that one, it's going to be easy...HA! And two, why would you do in place of P90X Leg & Back? Well, first off, BBL Sculpt is NOT will make everyone from beginner to advaced get a good full body workout. And secondly...see the first reason. It's not easy!

Don't let the light weight concept fool ya. You will get a good workout. The first time did the workout I remember thinking...on this is easy! The next day...OUCH! How did that happen?? It happened because BBL Sculpt is's's like no other Beachbody strength workout. You start with a quick warm up that gets your heart rate going using a nice combination of fimaliar moves. Then it's weight time.

He starts your off with two weights in one hand for some back work. He starts off simple then adds an element of a lunge...then another element of the arm out for balance. The next thing you know you're doing a compound move involving the back, legs, glutes, and core. Nice! And he doesn't stop there. On to squats, which turn into squats with a two arm scoop, ok now adding...squat, scoop, and knee up. You see his progression? He not only moves you nicely in and out of compound moves, he also throws in core and balance work. There are some six segments that by the time you are done you have workout every muscle group with the weights while doing compound move.

Now it's time to drop to the floor for some floor work. You thought the weight work was unique wait to hear about the floor work. He has taken the basic same old we've beening this since the 80's with legwarmers on and add his own special moves into the mix.

As a girlie girl I do get a kick out of the names he has given his special moves The Little Mermaid Imagine the little mermaind sitting her rock, now while keeping your lower body in place turn your upper body to face away. Place both hands on the floor and do a push up, when you come out from the push up twist your lower body to face the other way. I've never seen this move any where before.

While on the floor you will also be using the weights for chestflys and such. Here again he throws in compound move. You from chestfly to chestfly with tabletop legs up, then chestfly with one are remaining up while the other moves slowly down to the floor and back up.....all while having your legs in tabletop position. So you don't only are working your chest muscles but core and legs as well. And you know.....compound movements give you a better burn.

No body part goes unworked in this uniquely fun sculpt workout.

I know that with eating clean and having a Shakelogy everyday along with intense workouts, I will reach my goals.

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